Peaks 7 Recap – Day 3 – Playing with Colour & other Toys

Day 3 developed differently for the two sessions of Peaks. On the schedule, we were to be doing the Playing with Colour workshop. I also try to be flexible. With the first session, it seemed that everyone wanted to push forward with their Swirls so we postponed the workshop to Sunday morning.

The day produced plenty of advances and finishes…

Sarah’s Gin & Tonic Swirl Peaks 7.1
Sisters Clare &  Sarah with Sarah’s Swirls Peaks 7.1


Heathers Swirls Peaks 7.1
Heather’s Swirls Peaks 7.1
Susies machine cover Peaks 7.1
Susie’s machine cover Peaks 7.1
Clare's Purple Swirls Peaks 7.1
Clare’s Purple Swirls Peaks 7.1
Lees Red Swirls Peaks 7.1
Lee’s Red Swirls Peaks 7.1


Session 7.2 went a bit differently. The Playing with Colour workshop provided a nice change of focus. Using Jinny Beyer’s colour blending method as a base, we explored a few different theories behind how we process colour as well as how we can use different tools to alleviate some of the sensory overload that can happen with trying to choose colours for a quilt.

Playing with Colour Workshop Peaks 7.2
Playing with Colour Workshop Peaks 7.2
Playing with Colour Exercises Peaks 7.2
Playing with Colour Exercises Peaks 7.2

It didn’t take long before everyone was blending and pulling all sorts of pleasing combinations.

Blending Colours Peaks 7.2
Blending Colours Peaks 7.2
More Blending Peaks 7.2
More Blending Peaks 7.2


After lunch, the ladies jumped right back in and carried on with their Swirls and other projects.

Elisabeth's new Swirl design Peaks 7.2
Elisabeth’s new Swirl design Peaks 7.2
Ritas Gin Tonic Swirls Peaks 7.2
Rita’s Gin Tonic Swirls Peaks 7.2

We even had a quick tutorial on how to use the Bloc_Loc rulers. I need to get some for the BNQ Mobile Shop! 🙂

Bloc_Loc Tutorial Peaks 7.2
Bloc_Loc Tutorial Peaks 7.2

After yet another luscious meal for dinner, we sat down for a “friendly” game of Dice Swap. I think everyone has a different idea of friendly but it sure was fun!

Dice Swap Peaks 7.1
Dice Swap Peaks 7.1
Paula with a Dice Swap Favourite Peaks 7.2
Paula with her Dice Swap Favourite Peaks 7.2

Afterwards, the ladies carried on into the night. We had a cute Happy Dance from first-timer April when she finished her Swirls top.

April’s Swirls top finished Peaks 7.2


It was a late night but as always, loads of chatter & fun. Come back tomorrow for our final day at Peaks 7!

Happy Quilting!

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