Quilting is the term used to describe the sewing of the three layers (top, batting & backing) together. Fees for quilting are determined by the amount of intricacy to the design. All quilting charges include Quilters Dream Select loft (mid-loft) cotton batting and standard thread charge. Batting comes in various thicknesses and fibres. Others can be used upon request.

There is a huge selection of quilting designs on the internet. You can either tell me what you’d like or I can make suggestions. Click on the photos to see examples of each level of quilting.

Simple Quilting

Simple, all-over Edge to Edge

chf 45/sq m

Pantograph Quilting

Regular, repeating designs following a pantograph pattern

chf 60/sq m

Semi-Custom Quilting

Intermediate to Complex free-hand with simple block and borders

80/sq m

Custom Quilting

Complex patterns, extensive Stitch in the Ditch (SID), cross-hatching, and other heirloom styles

chf 100/ sq m


Other Available Services:

Backing fabric (108″ wide, variety of colors & patterns), 15 chf/metre
Basting (batting supplied by the client), 15 chf/ sq metre
Binding (cut, pieced, machine pieced/stitched to the front, trimmed & machine stitched to the front), 5 chf /linear metre; (hand-stitched) 10 chf/linear metre
Piecing (fabric supplied by the client), 30 chf/ sq metre
Appliqué (fabric supplied by the client), 40 chf/square metre
Specialty threads (monofilament or variegated), 5 chf/ sq metre

3 thoughts on “Longarm Quilting

  1. Ruth Miller says:

    Hi Elita. I am an Australian quilter living in Baden and wonder if you know any longarm quilters in my area? I have a Queen sized (approx 180x 200) quilt that I would like quilted with an all-over pattern. Thanks, Ruth

  2. Stella Ziegler says:

    Hello Elita.
    I’ve never met you, but I saw an example of your wonderful machine quilting yesterday and wonder if you would be able to quilt a flying-geese double quilt for me sometime in the summer.
    I haven’t even put it together yet, but I’m sure you must have a waiting list. Just let me know.
    I live in Lausanne 021.922.2011.

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