Pink Fab Five Peaks 1

Modern Baby Nine Patch

Garden Trellis

Peaks 5 Mystery Quilt

T-shirt quilt, signature quilt

H & A’s Anniversary Birthday Quilt

Spinning Card Trick Star

Spinning Card Trick Star Pattern


Memory quilt

Christine’s Memory Quilt

George’s Memory Quilt

Simon Welsh Signature quilt

Simon’s Welsh Birthday Quilt

Beach, simple quilting

Ingun’s Beach Quilt

hand quilting curves

Hand quilting curves

Faith’s Sleepover Quilt

Birthday quilt

Monkey N°1 Birthday Quilt

Birthday quilt

Monkey N°2 Birthday Quilt

Birthday quilt

Monkey N°3 Birthday Quilt

Ruth’s Blue Quilt

My Blue Quilt

All Framed Up in Pink

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