Tribute to George

George's dog quilt


This is George.

George's dog quilt
George – 17 years, 11 months

My furry brother George would have been 19 today had he not died early last year. A sweet, energetic Terrier mix, he was the loving companion of my father for 17 years. He loved to catch frisbees, even winning a few contests.  He would get kerchiefs whenever he’d go to the groomers and I think Dad kept all of them. He really was the cutest thing.

Geo fix 1 copy
Good boy George


George & Li'l Sis Gracie
George & Li’l Sis Gracie









Just weeks before George died, I had found a quilt online that had been made of the same type of kerchiefs and sent the link to Dad, suggesting that perhaps I could do this with his kerchiefs. I didn’t actually know how many he had. Turns out there were about 70.

Kerchiefs cut
Some of my favourites
2014-08-10 13.17.48
Preparing to cut


It had been decided beforehand that it would be nice to include pictures of George wearing the kerchiefs. My sister & I decided on this adorable pattern which would allow me to make good use of the kerchiefs and add pictures of George. I set to work cropping the photos and printing them on fabric.

2014-08-09 21.19.20
4 hours later, sheets & sheets of photos, created with Bubble Jet Set

After I got the top together, I quilted it on my longarm using the Paw Print panto from Digitech Patterns and my trusty Aurifil in 50wt.  When it was all finished, Mr P was admiring it and said, “You’re going to make your daddy cry, you know.” Yes, most probably.

Ready to quilt on Indy the Longarm
Ready to quilt on Indy the Longarm


Quilting finished
Quilting finished











Back of quilt
Paw prints on the back of the quilt


Working on the binding
Working on the binding











I was happy  to have it finished it just in time to take it to the US. I had to wait a couple of days to see him and other people actually saw it first but finally, I was able to give it to him in person. Yes, it made him cry. A bittersweet cuddle but one I know he’ll enjoy.

Dad with George's quilt
Dad with George’s quilt


Dad & me with George's quilt
Dad & me with George’s quilt











George's quilt

In loving memory of George

(23 Mar 1996 – 26 Jan 2014)

70″ x 87″   (175cm x 217.5cm)

Quilter’s Dream Wool batting

Aurifil 2021 in 50wt

Pawprint Panto from Digitech Patterns



Happy Quilting!

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3 thoughts on “Tribute to George

  1. Cynthia Brunz says:

    what a beautiful tribute! You really did a wonderful job on the quilt. You can tell a lot of love went into it!

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