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So you can’t bear to give away those sweet baby clothes that tug at your heartstrings every time you see them. But having them tucked away in a box seems such a waste! Making a quilt from those lovely items will bring those memories out of the closet to be enjoyed on a daily basis for years to come.

You have three options:

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I can make the quilt

Pricing starts at chf 375 per square metre. You provide the clothing, choose from 3 design layouts & I put it together. Delivery takes from 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design chosen.


Layout Options/Pricing

Squares – chf 375/m2

Squares and Frames – chf 400/m2

Custom – chf 450/m2


A deposit of 50% is required. You will be sent an invoice through PayPal and can pay with a credit card or Paypal. When your quilt is completed, I will email you requesting the final balance including a chf 15 shipping charge per quilt. Your quilt will be shipped as soon as I receive payment confirmation from Paypal.

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YOU can make the quilt with private instruction

Pricing starts at chf 250 per square metre. Lessons would take 2 or 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each at my home in Versoix. You can bring your machine or use one of mine. The stabilising product would be supplied, as well as wadding if needed. I would guide you in the construction of the quilt as well as the final quilting stitches to hold the quilt together.

Layout Options/Pricing

Squares – chf 250/m2

Squares and Frames – chf 275/m2

Custom – chf 300/m2

Click here to request private lessons.



A full day class (9h-17h) with 6-10 people, everyone making their own quilt. Everyone will need their own machines & clothing, along with any blankets, sheets or pillowcases that could be used for the backing. I would bring cutting and ironing materials along with the stabilising product & wadding. Wadding is optional for a nominal charge. This option is still under development but cost is expected to be no more than chf 150 for the day.

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While I have three different designs that I tend to use, the basic method is the same. Each piece of clothing is backed with a stabiliser, cut to size and then assembled. Multiple bits of each item can usually be included. After the top layer is finished, a backing is added and sometimes a middle layer of wadding and then more stitching is done through the three layers to secure. If you have something else in mind than what you see below, let’s discuss further to find a solution.

How to include Personal Photos

Photos can be included in the quilt for an additional chf 25 per photo. I do these myself using either a digital photograph or I can make a scan of a physical one. I can manipulate the photos as needed using Photoshop to enhance the image or crop as needed. Higher resolutions produce better results. I use a standard inkjet printer to print on high quality fabric. The final results are are permanent and washable. Almost any photos that will fit on an A4 sheet are acceptable.

See Layout Options

88 block layout

This layout allows for maximum usage of as many bits of clothing as possible. Squares are 4.5″ (12.50cm). Very durable & washable.










84 blocks with 2 Frames
84 blocks with 2 Frames (need 25-30 pieces of clothing)



Squares & frames
This layout incorporates squares with frames of a single colour of fabric. Provides visual interest while still incorporating a large number of fabrics. Squares are 4.5″ (12.50cm). Very durable & washable.







You can incorporate the cutest details in a square!

20150717_230508   20150717_230517    20150717_230457


Need ~10 pieces + additional fabrics



This layout can be made using a combination of full clothing and appliquéd names, or other soft items. Depending on the items used, it can be durable & washable. This can take 3-6 weeks for delivery, depending on the complexity.







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