Hiya! Welcome to Busy Needle Quilting. I’m Elita and I’ll be your tour guide… Oh wait, wrong script. 😀 I’m the cheeky monkey behind the needle, happily living in a Swiss postcard I get to call home. I  have been quilting for 20+ years and longarming for more than 10 of those on my trusty APQS Millennium, Indy. I host semi-annual alpine quilt retreats with Patchwork in the Peaks, keep machines running with maintenance services, and make cool stuff available with my online shop. My cat lets me live here as long as I feed her and I let my kids live here as long as they pick up after themselves.

I’m happy to help so if you have any questions, drop me a line (elita at busyneedle dot ch). I keep unusual hours so it’s never too late. 🙂