Peaks 7 Recap – Day 2 – Round & Round with Swirls

Day 2 dawned & we jumped right into the new project, Peaks Harmony Swirls

Peaks Harmony Swirls

Curves are something that many people avoid. It took a bit of getting the right balance of guiding fabric and turning bit by bit…

Demo of Peaks Harmony Swirls
Demo of Peaks Harmony Swirls
Explaining how to Swirl
Explaining how to Swirl
Starting to cut
Curves coming together
Curves coming together
A bit of chopstick sewing
A bit of chopstick sewing

But in the end, everyone managed it with beautiful results.

First Swirly success Peaks 7.1
Purple Swirls
Purple Swirls Peaks 7.1
Circus colours
Circus colours 7.1
Gin Tonic 7.2
Gin & Tonic 7.2
Di’s Swirl
Elisabeth’s Swirl

Quilt Fairy Gina came in mid-morning and was gleefully welcomed. The ladies cracked on until lunchtime. After a break for lunch, Gina led all in the Mystery Scrap Attack Project – A Wonky Striped Mug Cozy.

Gina & the Mug Cozy
Sarah with her cozy
Clares Mug Cozy
Linda & her Mug Cozy

The afternoon passed quickly with everyone working on their Swirls and other projects or having nail or massage services. By the end of the day, Swirls were everywhere

Round & Round the Swirls Peaks 7.1
Round Round the Swirls 7.2
Paula likes a Different Swirl – Peaks 7.2


All in all, a very productive, curvy, Swirly day. 🙂 Come back tomorrow for Day 3 at Peaks 7!

Happy Quilting!

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