Patchwork in the Peaks.  It sounds like we were put in the eaves of the attic and chained to a sewing machine. It’s only half right. There were no chains. We sat there voluntarily. Threads flying, machines purring, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, these girls hunkered down and made some serious progress in creativity.

Peaks, our new secret code to utter delight, was an absolute treat. Eleven quilt tops, 1 impromptu pillowcase, 1 fabric Christmas book, 5 thread catcher bags, two tops basted and 72 hours later, one could say we’d been busy. Starting with a Clean Machine Tutorial, going on to Playing with Colour workshop and a Speedy Saturday Project, the weekend was packed as full as my van with ideas, excitement, and pure enchantment.  Lots of laughter, catching each other with quotes to “Go on the Board”, and the wonderment of seeing so much creativity in one room made it an awesome experience.

We give thanks especially to the Fat Quarter Shop ( for having such gorgeous things to choose from and giving the ladies a discount with their orders. We also want to send out a big thank you to the designers of the book, Fab Five, from Abbey Lane Quilts ( This book was the basis for the Speedy Saturday Project and the ladies loved it!

We made an executive decision that the Loosey Goosey Method works very well and will likely play a big part in future Peaks scheduling. As will chocolate biscuits and trail mix. And Quilt Fairies. And a hot tub. And champagne and strawberries. And nice men to serve us meals…

 A few pictures:



If ironing had this view, I might never get it done…



Peaks Peek
Peaks Peek



Don’t let the eyes fool you – it’s voluntary imprisonment…







Sarah’s first quilt block ever!






Sarah’s finished quilt top (with Quilt Fairy Gina).

Way to go, Sarah!!







Surrounded by our favourite things…





Tara’s bit of Americana







Playing? Working? Who’s to say?







We might have to call these necessities…









Some of the creations. Not bad for a weekend. 😀


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