My Blue Quilt – Finished at Last


This lovely quilt top was made by my sweet friends while I was in hospital after a not-so-typical hysterectomy. The only criteria was that the block had to have some blue, as that is my favourite colour. I was presented the quilt top and it took me ages to get it quilted because I just couldn’t make up my mind on the patterns! 😀 Sometimes you just need to let the quilt speak to you in its own time.


“Indy” the longarm, with a diagram drawn on plastic and taped on the wall to remind me what I’m going to quilt in each area


Close-up of the stars block – lots of pebbles in the small border


More close-ups


Detail of the echo quilting around the flower block




Quilt Stats:

The Blue Quilt

72″ x 72″ (180cm x 180cm)

Quilters Dream Wool batting

Machine quilted





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