Real Life

Sunnyside from Kate Spain

I had all sorts of ideas about how this week was going to go. I have two flimsies needing quilt design attention before going on the longarm,

quilt tops

two quilts in progress, one of which I haven’t actually decided how big I want it yet. And some lovely Aurifil threads there on the window frame to match up with it.

photo (85)

And a bag that I’ve been toting around,

Japanese bag

muttering that I need to unsew it & put on a heavier strap & reinforce the sides. Then Real Life decided to stop by. So what did I get done? None of the above. But I did find some rest snuggled under a pretty new-to-me duvet.

photo (86)

My splitting headache that started on Sunday evening was down to a low roar by Monday evening. The daggers in the throat had calmed a bit.There is no end to what a soothing cup of English tea can do. The chocolate digestives don’t hurt either.

Tea & Biscuits

I did “find” a stack of fabrics that were in a “safe place” that I’d forgotten. Must. Stroke. Fabric.

Sunnyside from Kate Spain

I’m obviously feeling much better. Looks like I’ve got plenty to play with this weekend too. 🙂

Happy Quilting!!

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