I Like Cake

Birthday quilt

Tonight I’ve been working this little number:

Birthday Quilt
It’s time for another candle

From their second birthdays, I’ve made all my kids a birthday quilt. It started out that way because that’s when I made the first one for my daughter. I’d seen something similar just before her 2nd birthday so made up my own design. Of course, as the first, hers is a little more elaborate. But they all love them. And every year, I put another candle on their cakes. How long will I do it? Until they tell me to stop. Might have to add more cupcakes. 🙂

Birthday quilt
Monkey N°1


Birthday quilt
Monkey N°2


Birthday quilt
Monkey N°3


Should I create a proper pattern?

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Happy quilting!

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7 thoughts on “I Like Cake

  1. Rachel says:

    What a great idea! I think you are going to run out of room to put cupcakes and candles, because if it were me, I’d never stop looking forward to getting another candle. 🙂

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