Packing in the Peaks Fun – Peaks 5 – Day 4


Miss K’s – Just one more for the design wall…





Day Four, our last day at Peaks, dawned misty & grey. Feverently working from breakfast to finish just one more project before lunch, there was less chatter and more humming.


Miss L working on a sweet mini quit






Miss P finished up this lovely as well. She created her own pattern for this beautiful English Paper Pieced dragonfly. You can see more here.

Miss P’s Dragonfly


People began to pack up mid-morning so we could get our photos done on the balcony.

These ladies have really been busy!
Busy, busy, ladies…
Youd think they didnt sleep a wink…

Tables were broken down, chairs moved off to the corner and we sat for a chat. Cheeky Miss F had managed to get me to stitch her binding on last night and now Quilt Fairy Gina was doing some hand-stitching to stitch it down.

Quilt Fairy Gina stitching binding on Miss F’s baby quilt
Miss B getting in just a little more handquilting

We set up for a nice light lunch of omelettes & a bit of salad.

Our last lunch together
Sweet Katie & Lovely Cook Finn, who looked after us

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye.

Time for Goodbye Elita & Lynne

Miss J & Miss H
Miss J & Miss H
Roomies! Faith & Miss L
Roomies! Faith & Miss L

One last look and we’re headed home.

Goodbye Peaks 5
It’s been wonderful – Until next time…


Thank you so much for following our daily thrills. It was a wonderful time and I’m already looking forward to going back to Chalet 4 Vents in October. Roll on Peaks 6!

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Happy Quilting!!




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